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3D Printed Soccer Players Giving Fans a New Way to Show Team Loyalty

Fans can now order 3d printed players

A while back, the best one could hope for was to get a small picture of one’s favorite player. If you were lucky, they would sign it. However, the 3D printing technology has proven quite useful in this area. It now allows you to have more personalized relationships with your favorite players. It is quite surprising that more teams have not signed up to this program. It might be because to do it well you’ll need one of the best 3d printers available.

3D Printing Players is growing in popularity

The technology has moved beyond just printing players. Now, you can printed close to your favorite player. All that these companies require is that you send them photos of yourself. If you are thinking of a startup idea, forming a partnership with soccer clubs could prove quite profitable.

For now, the technology allows you to get a small figurine of your favorite players. However, if you ever required a full sized print out of the player, it would be very possible. The technology also allows you to get your favorite soccer player in full color. This technology continues to evolve; it may one day change how people idolize players. This is especially so because the cost of such technology will only continue to become cheaper as higher efficiency is achieved.

Get a full fan experience

The technology is also being used to create customized players. For instance, you may want your favorite player, but as a caricature. Thus, all you need to do is explain to the 3D printing company what exactly you want them to customize. With this type of technology, the level of customization is only limited by your level of creativity.

Time for soccer clubs to get on board

3D printing allows soccer fans to have a more personalized relationship with their players. As time goes by, more club will definitely want to sign up to these programs. It is a profitable venture and it is an opportunity to increase fan loyalty.